Grub4dos Guide - Loading/Installing Grub4dos From DOS
(and Windows 9x)

Loading grub.exe

Copy C:\Grub4dos\grub.exe to the root of your boot drive/device. Boot from the device and wait for the DOS prompt, then type grub.exe [ENTER] to load grub4dos. If using Windows 9x, press the [F8] key to enter the safe mode boot menu and choose option Command prompt only or Safe mode command prompt only, then type grub.exe [ENTER].

Loading grub.exe From config.sys (or autoexec.bat)

Copy C:\Grub4dos\grub.exe to the root of your boot drive/device. Add an entry to config.sys - to add an option to a Windows 98 (SE) boot disk menu, edit config.sys (in a text editor such as notepad) and add the following entries (for changes to original config.sys see here - changes are in red text) -

A sample config.sys is included in the Grub4dos download, this can be used to replace config.sys on your boot device - if using the sample file you will be prompted to press the [space] bar to start Grub4dos.

Autoexec.bat can also be used to launch Grub4dos - simply edit the file and add entry grub.exe.

Installing Grub4dos to the MBR

To install grub4dos code to a hard disks MBR via DOS, copy C:\Grub4dos\BOOTLACE.COM to the root of a DOS bootable drive/disk. Now reboot your PC and boot into DOS. If using Windows 9x BOOTLACE.COM can be executed from a dos box (start > run > type command [enter]).

To install Grub4dos code to the MBR of the first hard disk (usually the first hard disk set to boot within the BIOS settings) use command -


To install Grub4dos code to the MBR of the second hard disk use command -


To avoid installing Grub4dos to the wrong disk use a third party tool such as MBRWizD.exe (available here) to check the disk order. Copy MBRWizD.exe to the root of the DOS bootable device and type MBRWizD.exe /List - you should be able to identify the correct disk from the attributes outputted by the command (to install to disk 0 - use command BOOTLACE.COM 0x80; to install to disk 1 - use command BOOTLACE.COM 0x81; etc.). You will also need to copy grldr and menu.lst to the root of a (supported) local drive/disk.

Installing Grub4dos to the Partition Boot Sector

Using the Grubinst package, it is possible to install Grub4dos code to the partition boot sector. Although this feature is documented in, attempting to install to the bootsector (using the command --install-partition=0 0x80) results in the following -

C:\> --install-partition=0 0x80

Sorry! --install-partition not yet implemented with this release

Use instead the DOS version of grubinst tool - at the time of writing this guide the most recent version available is version is grubinst-1.1-bin-dos-2008-01-01 (file name grbins16.exe). Use command syntax grbins16.exe -p=n [device] or grbins16.exe --install-partition=n [device] (where n = partition number, starting from 0 for first partition. e.g. grbins16.exe -p=0 (hd0). If using Windows 9x, run grbins16.exe from a dos box (start > run > type command [enter]).

grldr must be copied to the partition on which the bootsector was installed, and the partition must be active. See here for Grubinst download.