Using these Notes

The methods covered in these notes and all tools/programs have been tested on a Windows 7 (32-bit) system - compatibility with other operating systems cannot be guaranteed.

Throughout the notes any text with a      highlight (e.g. bcdedit /createstore C:\boot\BCD) is a command - usually to be entered at a command prompt.

Any text with a      highlight (e.g. The command completed successfully.) indicates output from running a command.

Any text within [ ] brackets is a keyboard input - e.g. [Enter] = press "Enter" key.

There are a number of textboxes containing text to be added to files - this may have become wrapped and should not be manually copied. Copy the text by highlighting it and holding [ctrl]+[c], then open a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and hold [ctrl]+[v] to paste the copied text. Make sure when saving the file that the correct file extension is used - e.g. File > Save As... and enter "My_file.cmd" in the File name: box (with quotes).

A quick note on printing the guide - make sure printing background colours and images is enabled within your browser, or text highlights (for commands, command output, etc) will not be printed.