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 Wallchanger Project


You have many wallpapers? And are sick of changing them every time you want a new one?
I have the solution for you, Wallchanger is your thing!!
This little program can change your wallpaper every time you start Windows, so on every boot you got a fresh wallpaper!

How does it work? 

Wallchanger is run when you start Windows.
Its then that the magic happens, it takes a wallpaper out of the map that you define,
converts it to bmp, and applies it to the desktop.

This all takes no more then a few seconds, and after that Wallchanger shuts down.
No resource hog, or delays possible with this baby!!

Wallchanger works very simple, the wallpapers are counted and this is stored in a Inifile, so every wallpaper has its own number.

Then all Wallchanger does, is cycle thru the numbers and applying the wall that is stored in that number.
So when you boot up Windows, there is a new wallpaper for you to see!!
When Wallchanger reaches the last Wallpaper, it starts with number one again.

So the fun never stops!!

In the newest version, which is build from the ground up, we can finally select our own wallpaper directory.
No need to copy and rename the wallpapers like in the old version.
Its as simple as choosing the map with your wallpapers, apply your wallpaper, and presto!!

Much better and cleaner this way huh?

Remember, when you install this, you have to run the GUI, at least one time to set the start with windows option.

After that, its like its not even there!!


Upxgui Project

screenshot for upxgui

Well, this is exactly what it says, a front-end for the Upx program.
I used to use Upx shell, but I cant seem to find a new version, and the version I have wont support the newest Upx update.

So that's why I made one myself.

It features context menu integration, compression settings and a auto shutdown option.
The program now also scans the selected file with the help of PEid.
After this scan, it determines the thing to do, compress, or de-compress.
The size is updated accordingly...

Replacer Evolutions Project

screenshot for replacer

This little program allows a user to replace in use or other files in windows.
Which is handy if you want to get a modified file in too your system.

The old replacer from where I get the name, is based on a cmdscript, and is not in development anymore.
That's why I made this modern version to do that same job.

It works really simple, first you select the original file, the one you want to replace...
Then you select the new file, be careful here, make sure its the right one :D
Then all you do is press replace, reboot, done!!!

For the people that modify their system themselves, this is a valuable tool to have in their toolbox.


Image Forger project

image forger

The Image forger is a bootable iso creator, for normal 2000 and XP cd's,
and even for vista!!
Not much else to tell about I think.

It has right click menu integration, and a auto shutdown after creation of iso.
That way the program is exited after the creation :D
Just check it sometimes.

Self burner Project


The self burner is a utility that lets users create a self-extracting,
and self burning iso file.
This makes it easy to distribute, and lets non technical people burn a cd without to much fuss.
This program is made by me with the help of the Bootland forums,
which asked me to make it in the first place :D

Also please note that the program includes 7zip and Imgburn in the package, and i would like to thank those guys for making such great programs.

Wim Mounter Project

wim mounter

Are you into Vista? Want to modify the install?
Let me help you, with Wim Mounter.

This cool program lets a user mount a WIM image, which is the new format Microsoft uses for the install of Vista.
Because of this new format, its not as easy to modify as XP for example.
Its a lot harder to get modified stuff in there, but not with this program :D

just browse to the image to mount, or when you have set the file association, click it
then choose which number, or edition if you like, to mount, and press the mount button.
After that you can press the open button to open the mounted image as a folder, which lets you interact with it the same way as in a folder.
That way you can put patched files, uxtheme anyone? :D,  or extra wallpapers and themes in there, very handy. :D

When done modifying the install source, you press the save button, and the changes are being applied to your Vista install.
That's all there is to it guys :D

Software Database Project


Ok, new one, a try to get my software organized and easy to find...
User can create his own categories, and place software in them on the fly.
Its even possible to remove, rename and export files which are stored in the database.

You can run files from within the database, the program also supports the movement
from files between different categories.

As I said, a nice try :D