WinBuilder 073 - beta discussion

A new WinBuilder binary is available for testing and review for everyone interested in joining our little discussion for what is important to be added or what needs to be improved.

The last wb version had several changes from it’s precendent version and I hope that this next version can match a satisfatory level of improvements that make our life easier.

So far, the new beta is able to open .script and .project file with a standalone editor. This allows to keep several windows to modify the script code or simply use as guide when writing new scripts.

Winbuilder will be default associate these extensions to use along with the internal editor.

I hope this somehows helps Peter keeping a track of the several files on the work desk.

The beta discussion topic can be found here.

Some other features include the update of the available web servers and some other UI modifications. Haven’t yet started to work much on the script engine - would prefer to keep as it is to avoid new bugs while adding new features.

By request of ozbob There is also a new object that can be used along with script - it’s a checklist and will allow to use a checklist of values that the end-user can change as he needs.

A screenshot and quick explanation of how this works can be found here.


That’s it for now - lots of things to do and many new things that can be added, don’t be afraid to place your requests or say what needs to be changed - there’s nothing better than some feedback to know what can be improved.

- Nuno Brito

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