VistaPE 010

Nightman has just released VistaPE version 10 - a project that includes some excellent modifications making this a very complete boot disk. For the moment there is still a bit of bug tracking which is common when a new version is fresh out of the box, let’s hope that it only gets better and better as it deserves - thumbs up for NightMan!

On the winbuilder side - a new release is in order to update the download servers for VistaPE’s new location and correct the posted bugs along with requested features. So far this week has been quite busy, let’s yet see how things work out over the next days to focus on solving the previously proposed features.

For now, enjoy this new VistaPE which brings a good promise of results for the Vista platform - it also seems that Microsoft has included a Windows RE (Recovery Environment) version inside their yet to be released SP1 (Service Pack 1). Will this mean a new source for VistaPE in the future? Where people only need to download the project and press the play button without any extra configurations?

The future looks bright in possibilities since the Windows RE license seems even less prohibitive than the former license designated to Windows PE 2.0 as it is primarily meant as a tool to “recover” windows. There is also the new KDE4 platform with native windows support and so many new interesting ideas that’s it’s quite hard to just pick one to start from.

The next months sure promisse some rumble on boot land..

- Nuno Brito

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