The magic of Grub4dos

Grub is a popular boot manager in the linux world, mostly used a method to conveniently switch between several OS’s when the machine first boots up and what is the difference when compared to grub4dos?

Well, from my point of view - grub4dos is almost like a red pill that we can take at any moment after booting up in DOS and simply jump into another dimension where another completely different OS can take over our machine.

Of course that in nowadays much fewer people know how to “play” with DOS, but still it is such a powerful tool that being DOS powered only makes it even more incredibly flexible than most people would ever expect.

In replacement of MSDOS it’s more than possible and even recomended to use an open source development such as FreeDos. And from this open alternative we can control each aspect of our machine prior to booting a more “advanced” operative system.

One other advantage is that the boot menus from grub4dos can be customized. We can run custom GUI apps in DOS mode (yes, DOS isn’t just about small text mode apps - did you knew that?).

Better yet knowing that we can directly start grub4dos from a windows boot select menu. It requires a bit more of knowledge, but yet - it’s so powerful that sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and try to include as many images as possible inside a single media.

Well.. better yet if you try for yourselves - just google on grub4dos and read more about it, hope you like it..


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  1. Jon Martin Says:

    I am looking for a BartPE solution where I boot from floppy and then it loads BartPE from my USB HDD. This GRUB4DOS sounds like it might help.



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