The Birth of XP PE (reloaded)

Well.. we all know very well what a XP PE boot disk is.

It was first introduced by microsoft on their post-install routine that allowed a small NT OS run under a system account while installing the rest of the missing components on the hard disk.

Later came Windows PE and Windows XP embedded (XPe) which introduced mobility and overall size reduction on these XP based operative systems.

None of these were free alternatives at the time and so a bit after came along bartPE that proposed a unusual marriage between the standalone powered Windows PE and the original Windows Pre-Install environment that was shipped within each Windows XP install disc.

We later came to witness the rise and fall of other projects based on bartPE like ubcd4win and Reatogo expanded with XPE by sherpya and this was the rule to free projects and top of the top until some time ago and other developments began being published and people started wondering what next could be done.
Around these forums even thought many people don’t notice - our discussions have little over a year of existence and I think people here became very critic to themselves and never quit thinking on new approaches and trying out new methods to see how they work.

This is very good to see - an healthy community spirit for discussing and knowing exactly why and how things work without tabus in this dreaded and often associated to black magic microsoft software for most of us mortals.

Peter and Nightman have also innovated in this though world - providing answers and solutions to improve the way of things were done. Many other members also contributed and together we can now enjoy small, fast and amazingly feature packed boot disks for the most common windows platforms - something nearly inimaginable some time ago.

Now MedEvil and Alexei propose themselves to re-invent PE and lift it to new standards - will they succeed?

Don’t know, but I guess time will tell and both have very competent skills - let’s wish them good luck.

- Nuno Brito


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  1. psc Says:


    After finishing your job to defend your country, do you want to become an editor in a famous newspaper?

    I think, the way how you are writing your blogs, highly qualifies you for that!


  2. Nuno Brito Says:

    Glad you enjoyed this blog!

    Why don’t you write some blog post once in a while? :)

    Would be nice to hear your thoughts as well..

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