PHP coding

Just started learning the basic way arounds with php codings. So far it’s being fun althought there are still some rough edges that make my progress a bit slow.

After being so tied up to delphi IDE, it’s a bit difficult to move on to a platform where you need nothing more than notepad and a host with php support.

I think the biggest difficulty has been learning the new functions and syntax - there are plenty of them and most are quite featured - but it’s not easy to know how each one works nor it is easy to write them in the correct manner. In the delphi world one only needed to press F9 to compile the code and check for any syntax errors or see how the app behaves - in php this means saving the text file and pressing the reload on a web browser.

One thing I miss the most is the help system - on delphi I’d just press F1 to view all documentation regarding the keyword where the cursor was selected, how can we achieve the same effect on php?

Well.. google and have been my friends on these initial steps where I’ve found so far a lot of snippets to help getting into the mood of php syntax.

Why php?

Well, the reason is mostly because I wanted to generate updates.ini files directly from the web - this would allow to upload via ftp newer scripts and files. After this operation was completed, one only needed to run the php file to create a brand new updates.ini that could be used by wb to get all updated files instead of manually creating a new file.

So far, md5 calculations are easy to get, reading and writing ini files also seems fairly easy - the only complication so far is getting the output of text to be displayed as needed - lots of rules to display strings and things yet to learn.

Maybe this way we can all end having more standalone web servers - where people can submit their files or updates and make this step simpler/customizable.

It’s also good to learn a new coding style, wish me luck.. :)

- Nuno Brito

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