One step further at my workplace..

Yesterday was a very happy day for me.

It was the day when I finally reached the first class of sargeants - a promotion which I’ve been waiting since the last seven years back when I’ve first started a career in the army.

I wouldn’t say that time has passed quickly nor that things haven’t changed much since my teenager days but when I try to remember all the things that were done over these short 3 years I’ve been away from home it just feels like somehow 20 years have passed let alone remember anything before 2000 when I started working here.

These last years that passed since I first finished my studies and went to the azorean islands to help other people have surely changed my perspective of the world and in return helped me understand that this globe is so great and that any distance from one place to another is something that can only be measured with the time it takes you to travel it.

It is indeed a great distance/time that can be measured when I compare my initial dreams against my present goals for the next years - which tend to be both more realistic and over-optimistic to say the least.

My family still advices me to follow a career as an officer  and follow the example of my older brother because of the payroll and quicker promotions but this would surely keep me far away from working intensively with computers and start dedicating more time to human resources and such - which I would likely regreat. There’s still nothing better than making a fresh boot disk in the morning… ;)

I’m happy and now I’m also one step further in my life as well.

-Nuno Brito

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  1. Xtreme Says:

    Congratulation Nuno
    Keep going

  2. Nuno Brito Says:

    Thanks! :)

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