LiveXP updated

A new liveXP project has been made available early this morning and it contains some important changes when compared to the previous versions. It is the first time that a substancial amount of applications is included inside the main project.

Following the latest discussions regarding the distribution of only freeware/shareware software we are moving on the right direction and follow these rules - finding free alternatives to otherwise commercial applications.

Nice features:

- This project has a very clean look&feel that I think will surprise most people testing it.
- Very few icons are displayed on the desktop
- Network availability comes only if the user authorizes it
- Windows are skinned and the wallpaper is “copied” from the host machine
- Added imgburn to create the ISO images (very stable app)
- Lots of app scripts come inside - and more to be added..
- PEtoUSB script included to create USB boot pendisks

In overall I think it will create the sort of ISO mostly used to repair or salvage a home/network computer.

Now I hope to have a bit more time to start working on the newer Winbuilder.. :)

- Nuno Brito

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