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Ever since our first wb scripts were ever made available - most developers were already including the software created by other people inside the scripts making everything packed in a nice and clean way to be used by everyone.

Time has passed and the list of available scripts here on boot land has also kept getting extended to include more features and more programs.

A year ago everything was fairly easier to check - only a handfull of scripts were made available using a specific download location that only a person or two kept a close eye to keep things in order. Now we have a public download section were everyone can upload their work and this system is used by hundreds - while doing this - people can quickly share scripts to support all sort of apps inside their boot disks and really made life much simpler, but how do we guarantee that no illegal software is added to this download section?

After inumerous talks in which several perspectives were discussed, I think we’ve finally reached a common ground were everyone involved agrees in how we should effectively deal with the cases were software can and cannot be made available for sharing with others.

The initial discussion with the proposed change on the forum rules was made by Jaclaz here.

Many people spoke their opinion and the finish touch was given by Phox on his post:

“1. Include files in script (preferable in 7zip form to reduce size)
only if you are author and willing to publish them for free use.

2. I other cases and special for applications, provide in scripts, beside essentials,
everything additional (DLLs, REG settings, ect) for correct functioning.

3. Specify in the script list of necessary files, where and how to get them
and how to prepare them (should application be installed on processing
system or just unzipped in specific folder).

4. Don’t use scripts to show your technical excellence, but make them
as simple as possible, to provide users opportunity to learn how
scripts are functioning.

5. Core builds (Minimal) should organized for one click successful processing
(Download and press “Play”), but afterwards user would like (and should)
participate more in tailoring and preparing specific builds.

In this way Scripts will be small, Projects fast to download and legality
exposure minimal. “

This reply can be found in it’s original context here.

It was a very intensive discussion - were it was very good to see how different opinions clashed and exchanged the best possible arguments to defend their point of view about this matter.

In conclusion, the process to keep this site and respective projects here developed safe from harm that comes from allowing the distribution of non-licensed or non-authorized programs seems quite simple.

Instead of pointing the finger and banning members that eventually cross the line - we should indeed make an effort to teach and show how things should be done and why it is important to get permission from the respective software author.

This way the respective software author will know how his program is treasured and that someone has the opinion that it deservs to be ported into an app script, having spent a substancial amount of time to make it work under a Windows PE environment even when sometimes it may take days to include all needed registry keys, services, dependencies and iron out any bugs before a script can be called ready.

And some members already took into practise this spirit and began extending contacts to publish his work in a completely fair and legal way. The member known as “Online” has recently sent a message to the developers of FoxIt to let them see how their software was being used and asking for their proper permission to include it as a script - if wether they will allow or not - the important thing is the mutual respect by properly giving credits to whom deserved and “Online” undoubtly deserves my respect. This topic can be found here.

I have the opinion that our community has grown considerably in terms of self-awareness and responsability.

Congratulations to all boot land members!

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    Thanks, Nuno, for this excellent presentation of a complicated issue.


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