Going home for a week..

I’m going some time off work for a week - my birthday is coming next monday and I’ve taken the opportunity to spend it with my close family and friends.

Before anyone asks: no, I’m not going home just to get more birthday presents.. (at least I won’t admit it here in public.. ;) )

Hopefully it will be a good week to rest and enjoy some quiet time. Lately things have a bit busier than expected at work - a LAN wide spread of viruses has forced to triple the security on the network traffic and clean up all infected machines which were spreading the havoc by shutting down our local wifi routers due to excessive bandwidth and incapacity to process this huge flow of data.

Never knew it was possible but most wifi acess points got what we commonly know as BSOD on XP machines.. ;) Leaving no better option than grabbing some stairs and going onto the roof to manually unplug the devices and power them again.

We always had to deal with viruses ever since I first started working but this time I see them getting much smarter and harder to remove. It’s not easy to trace them as before - most times they get themselves registered as services or replacing commonly found executables on the windows folder.

Others make use of autorun.inf placed on USB flash drives and quickly intall themselves on machines where the user has restricted permissions.

It took a hard week of work to get things under control - I also see that a lot has to be done teaching other folks how to use their computers in a more responsable manner but I think that with enough time the overall way of seeing things is changing towards a more wiser behavior.

Before - if a suspicious named executable showed up as email attachement - most people would simply run it to see what it does and this action would most likely infect a machine without a care in the world.

But at this moment - people were I work became aware that clicking twice on the suspicious executable would likely infect the machine and turn it into a zombie threatening other machines with shared folders on the respective LAN and eventually collapse the whole network with the huge amount of generated traffic - which means no access to any web file server nor network printers for anyone and a whole lot of work jumping around from computer to computer with their documents.

So I guess that ultimately - the best antivirus ever is possibly the end user - which becomes better prepared as more he can learn about these menaces.


For now time has come to rest - my week starts now..

- Nuno Brito

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