Forum update blues..

Talk about upgrading something for the sake of security.

This week was time to upgrade the forum software from version 2.2.2 to version 2.3.2 in order to match the latest version available from the official download site on IP.Board.

Seemed an update worth doing especially since it had already passed half-year since the latest update and the report of modifications/bugfixes displayed a very extensive list of items, reasons good enough to go through the hassle of re-installing all post install addons and modifications that we like to use around here (members who visited topic, who viewed topic, etc.).

All seemed like a regular installation until Jaclaz mentioned a “bug” that broke all his HTML links into some jaberish link that was shortened.

No fun at all - especially since it meant something as important as links that are used by members on their everyday visits and this simply wasn’t suppose to happen.

My biggest fear was that the MySQL data was corrupted - but it turns out that this affected a few files that were modified to fix a previously reported bug on IPB with a relative obscure action and brought a much worser bug to our forums.

After a lot of searching I found out that the solution was reverting back to a file available on the previous versions or undo the changes ourselves. This step was simple enough but unfortunately all posts that were messed in the meanwhile will continue unrecoverable unless a user re-edits them.

The posted solutions can be found here:

I guess the perspective of Jaclaz regarding “if something ain’t broke - don’t fix it” applies very well on this case.

Darn IPB, wish they wouldn’t make a new version available with such destructive bug.

- Nuno Brito

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