Finder rank?

It’s not very often that someone shows desire to become “labeled” as Finder on their public profile. At first I admit that such humble request sounded little for someone so devoted to effectively retrieve and post solutions which sometimes seem so far out from human reach.

Jaclaz has kept writing and writing, often replying with very sober and knowledgeable solutions to seamingly “crazy” requests made by other members and bring the discussion to different levels.

From my personal perspective - I first started to see the internet as a gateway to find and exchange informations - a place where a few words were typed inside a search engine in the hope of getting the results that brought solutions to any question posed. In an almost mechanical movement, several pages and keywords are crossed and gathered until these answers surface.

Unfortunately not all answers seem so easy to retrieve and when this occurs we can only try to place a question on the forums, crossing the fingers and hoping that “on the other side” someone knows the correct procedure or actions to get things solved and helps us by explaining how it can be done.

Imagining a worldwide scale of internauts that are measured in billions and a significant amount of them searching for answers to their own problems - it’s a noble action that drives someone to spend so much of his own personal time “finding” quality answers that sometimes unlock the barrier between our imagination and computer reality and are offered with such simplicity that helps and motivates to keep learning more and more.

So I think that a “Finder” has a very hard life indeed - and this is truly rare to “find” on these modern days..

- Nuno Brito

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